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Zelda Costume

Zelda Cosplay Costume

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For ladies who love to play computer games, this costume really is the one for you. She is the heroine of one of the biggest computer franchises that the world has ever seen, and has appeared in games for Nintendo from the early 1990s until the present day. Constantly being rescued by Link from precarious situations, the woman I talk about is, of course, Princess Zelda from the Zelda series of computer games. Any computer game lover would love to go out dressed in a Princess Zelda costume as it mixes their love for games and the ability to dress up as one of the most well-loved and beautiful characters ever created.
The Princess Zelda costume comes in three separate parts – all made from the highest quality fabric and materials. The first part of the costume is the most impressive, and is the long and flowing dress made famous in the games that she appeared in. The dress stretches down to the feet and is predominantly white in color, with a purple body. The dress also has a large crest running down the front for added authenticity, as well as golden colored shoulder pads. The costume also includes a long pair of white gloves, which really emphasize the feel of royalty brought with this costume. The final piece of the costume is the beautiful headpiece, which mimics a golden royal crown and sits comfortably on the head. All these parts combine to create a stunning and comfortable Princess Zelda costume that would be at home at a ball, as well as at a fancy dress party!
If going out with friends then there are a number of options to coordinate your group. If there is a guy out with you then why doesn’t he dress up as the other hero from the game – Link? The two of you would make a great couple and really add authenticity to the outfits. Alternatively a group of ladies could all go dressed as different Princesses – a truly regal affair, I think you’d agree!
It can’t be emphasized what a high quality outfit this really is, and to see a picture of what can be bought visit www.mooncostumes.com. They have a huge array of different items that can be bought, and the selection means that everyone will find what they are looking for. They offer great prices and also offer even better rates on shipping!

Zelda Costume Accessories

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