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Jessica Rabbit Costumes

Jessica Rabbit was one of the stars of the movie Roger Rabbit and brought glamour and class to an otherwise raucous event. With her sultry styling and cool exterior, she made the perfect cartoon partner for the eponymous hero – as well as being the object of his desires! Women the world over can now feel like they are this silver screen star, as there is a fantastic Jessica Rabbit costume available to buy now on www.amazon.com. With many great details, anyone interested should read on to discover more…

List Price: $30.14 Price: $30.14 You Save: N/A Price: N/A You Save: N/A
List Price: $47.30 Price: $43.95 You Save: $3.35 List Price: $84.99 Price: $84.99 You Save: N/A
Price: N/A You Save: N/A List Price: $89.99 Price: $89.99 You Save: N/A

The Jessica Rabbit costume is an absolutely fantastic product and is manufactured with both style and comfort in mind. The material used is also of the highest quality, ensuring that it will not damage easily on a night out with friends or family. The costume comes in just one part, as there really isn’t much else that can turn a lady in to Jessica Rabbit other than her sleek red dress. This dress is perfectly cut and is designed to follow the contours of the body to create a stunning look – it could even be worn on days where fancy dress isn’t being done! The dress has two thin straps that go over the shoulder, which are delicate but also robust enough to ensure they don’t break easily. It is cut low on the breast for an alluring look, further enhanced by the full leg length split that runs up the left hand side. It is the length of the wearer, with the dress nearly touching the floor and for this reason some minor adjustments may need to be made to ensure it doesn’t drag.

There are also some extras that can be bought to further enhance this costume. If you don’t have the same hair color as Jessica Rabbit, then Amazon sells a great wig that really makes the wearer look the real deal. It is 100% synthetic and fits comfortably over the top of the head, with long auburn locks flowing down past the shoulders. There is also the option to buy a long pair of gloves for a great price to add class and sophistication to the outfit. Most women have a pair of red shoes and some nice jewelry in their wardrobe already, which can be used to finish the costume off.

In conclusion, the Jessica Rabbit costume is a fantastic costume and would be perfect for any fancy dress occasion. It is on sale now at www.amazon.com, along with hundreds of other ideas for every occasion.

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