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June 8, 2011
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June 8, 2011

Bowser Costumes

If you have a penchant for computer games and an insatiable desire to always root for the bad guy, then a Bowser costume is almost certainly your perfect choice for a night out in fancy dress. With his constant harassment of Princess Daisy, as well as his constant beatings at the hands of Mario and Luigi, Bowser is one of the most iconic computer game bad guys of all time. Since his first appearance on the NES console in the early 1990S, Bowser has been a firm favorite within computer game circles. And now he is yours to own as a costume, which definitely will be the most original outfit at any gathering!

This Bowser costume is superbly detailed and large in every way! The first piece of the costume is an oversized head, showing Bowsers features in all their glory. This includes green skin, horns and, of course, his famous red eyebrows and hair. The body is similarly well made, with a large spiked shell that attaches to the back of the wearer by straps that do up on the front of the body. These straps also serve to look like Bowser’s soft underbelly, as they are flesh colored – in reality, no one would even be able to tell they were straps unless they looked carefully. Before putting on the shell, however, you must don the yellow pants and top – complete with spiked bracelets – to really bring the outfit together. After the yellow gloves and shoe covers are put on the outfit is complete – and what an outfit it is! With its cartoon style mixed with a hugely comfortable fit, it not only looks the part but also ensures that the user isn’t uncomfortable whilst wearing it.

With the huge variety of costumes on sale of characters from the Mario Bros. games, there is the opportunity for everyone to find their own individual costume. Friends can dress as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and even a Goomba! This means that a whole group can hit the streets together in a great coordinated effort and take the local nightspots of their town by storm! Alternatively, many might find this costume so comfortable that they wear it around the home instead of regular clothes..!

To check out this costume in more detail head on to eBay and search for “Bowser costume” – the search will bring many results. Find the one that you like the best and place a bid! Always ensure that you purchase from well recognized sellers so as to avoid any disappointment.

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